Confectionery glaze

“Glazurprom” – the company which has it’s own traditions, the turned-out experience, the high quality personal.

The range of production is rather wide – 20  types of glazes.

The main thing for us is a quality and processability index of products let out by us!

- We aspire to long-term partnership with all the clients!

- We show consideration for your wishes and requirements!

- We work in order you work!

Confectionery glaze – an irreplaceable component in food production.

Scope of application of it is quite wide: a covering for any cookies, a zephyr, a batch, cake cheeses, ice-cream, thermostable drops for stuffings. Limits for creativity, as we know, aren’t present!


Confectionery glaze  №102 – “Premium class” glaze.

The Glazurprom company is, perhaps, the exclusive and unique producer of this type of glaze. It has a soft and deep taste, which can be compare with inexpensive kinds of chocolate.

Confectionery glaze  № 109 – thermostable in drops.

Unique product in the market, are suitable for production of fruitcakes and cookies with additions of slices glaze.

Confectionery glaze  № 111

Classical dark glaze. It has a high quality and excellent taste. Is suitable practically for all types of glazed production.

Glaze candy store № 126

Special “summer” glaze. It has an increased stability to temperature during the summer period.

Crust №1000

The glaze is suitable for use as a solid filler in the production of sweets and biscuits , as well as for glazing of cheese curds.


Confectionery glaze  №207

Classical white glaze. It has a high quality and pleasant dairy taste.

Confectionery glaze  № 208

Pleasant dairy taste and high quality of a product in a combination with profitability. It is perfectly suitable for confectionery decorating.


Confectionery glaze  № 300

This type of glaze is ideally suited for glazing of an internal surface of a horn for ice-cream that allows a horn to remain crackling. It has a high degree of atomization and fluidity.

Confectionery glaze  № 301

Classical glaze for ice-cream. High degree of atomization. It is perfectly suitable for all types of ice-cream from “Eskimo” to “Hedgehogs”.

Confectionery glaze  № 303

“Premium” class  glaze. It has an excellent flavoring and qualitative characteristics.

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