Industrial chocolate

«All other it simply food. And chocolate is chocolate!»

Patrick Skene Catling

Use of this component already assumes “Premium class” products. But, despite occurring opinion, we made it more available, having kept thus its high quality.


Chocolate  T-1
52 % of cocoa of products. Class “Premium” chocolate.
Chocolate  T-10
70 % of cocoa of products. Class “Premium” chocolate
Chocolate  M-1
40 % of cocoa of products. Classical milk chocolate.
Chocolate glaze ET- 2
26 % of cocoa of products. The weight with use of equivalents of cocoa oil, is technological in production.


Chocolate T-101

Chocolate is suitable for glazing of all kinds of ice cream . The composition and the chocolate manufacturing process ensures the uniformity of application , shiny surface , a characteristic crunch biting at melting and delicate taste.

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